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Curriculum vitae

Working experience

2018-           Independent researcher and presenter

2015-19       Research Associate of the Sports and Leisure History Research Team, Manchester Metropolitan University

2014-17       Member of the Danish Agency for Culture's professional panel for researcher assessment

2013-17       Museum curator at Greve museum, Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18

2013-13       Visiting researcher at the Manchester United Museum

2013-14       Mentor at Associateship of Museum Association

2012-           Deputy head of corps of external examinators in history at all Danish Universities

2010-12       Chairman of the "Historical Society"

2009-13       Head of Education and Deputy Head of the Danish Museums Association

2002-03       Member of the board of the research network “The Multicultural Denmark. Denmark in the long 18th century ”

2002-02       Associalte lecturer at the Department of History, University of Copenhagen

2000-           External examinator in history at all Danish universities

1999-2009   Senior researcher at the Royal Arsenal Museum

1998-2004   Chairman of the external, advisory research committee at the Royal Arsenal Museum

1996-2009   Museum curator at the Royal Arsenal Museum

1994-95       Associate lecturer at the Department of History, University of Copenhagen

1992-92       Archive studies for Museum at Rosenborg Castle

1990-92       Student assistant at Museum at Rosenborg Castle

1990-90       Civil service Museum at Rosenborg Castle

1987-88       Student Assistant at the National Museum of Denmark

1986-87       Student assistant at Frederiksborg Castle

1985-89       Student assistant at the Danish Resistance Museum


Scholarships, awards and educations

1999             Awarded Einar Hansen's research award for the Humanities 1999 of DKK 100,000.

1999             Dr.phil. on the dissertation 'Tinget, magten og æren'

1992             Awarded a three year scholarship by the Danish Humanities Research Council

1992             Masters degree in history and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen

1989             Awarded Scholarship by the Carlsberg Foundation of DKK 75,000

1982             A-levels from Frederiksberg Gymnasium


Football and private life


2019-           Football fitness, Skjold Birkerød.

2017-           Chairman of Dynamo Birkerød

2005-17       Coach for Skjold Birkerød youth team (born 1998)

2000-           Footballer for Dynamo Birkerød

1999-           Married to Vibe and living in Birkerød

1998-           Father of Thomas and Clara

1988-98       Football twice a week in Fælledparken (started as Resistance United at the Freedom Museum)

1983            Coach for youth team, Boldklubben Frem

1978-           Regular football trips to the UK

1973-1987   Footballer for Boldklubben Frem

1973-           Supporter of Boldklubben Frem

1972-           Passionate Manchester United supporter after watching my first live football match in Idrætsparken between Manchester United and the Danish Olympic national team (though already supporting United from TV).

1963            Born in Copenhagen

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