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Book a presentation or a city walk

I am a committed and passionate presenter who loves to share my knowledge. I like to adapt my talks (and city walks) to different audiences, just as I like to develop the content rather than keep repeating myself.

Below, you can see five examples of previous presentations / city walks / tours from each of my three main research topics: entertainment industry, British football culture and Danish history. But, of course, I have a lot more to offer -  just ask!

Currently, my research focus is on two topics: "British football economy and stadium culture 1885-1920" and "The Barrison-fever - about the Danish-American pop phenomenon who shocked Europe’s metropoles in the 1890’s, as they challenged the ruling views of gender, body and morality."

Contact me and tell me about time, place, audiencem and the topic you are interested in, and I will get back to you with an offer.

"Captivating, surprising, thoughtful - and sensuous"


"A terrific time travel back to the rapidly modernizing Copenhagen of the 1890s"


The emergence of the entertainment industry 1880-1925

  • The world's first pop phenomenon: Sisters Barrison

  • The naked dancer, Adorée Villany

  • Setting the body free: physical culture in Denmark around 1900.

  • Virtual Reality in the 1890s

  • City walk: Barrison's Copenhagen - the changing cityscape of the 1890's

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